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January 27, 2021

Working the soil of a wine robot in Burgundy

Burgundy is now a region where we carry out more and more demonstrations of Bakus, the wine robot of the future.

Indeed, our 100% electric and autonomous viticultural straddle would allow the winegrowers of this beautiful region to accompany their steps towards a sustainable viticulture.

Thus, we will not cite all the advantages of our wine robots, which you will find here. However, let us recall the great interest of the electric propulsion, of the tillage without herbicides, of the strong modularity of the usable tools, of the safety of the operators and of course of the VitiBot services. These are just a few of the many advantages that make Bakus the electric vineyard straddle of the future.

Demonstration of the wine robot at Aloxe Corton

wine robot burgundy aloxe corton

It is thus on the vineyards of Aloxe Corton, in Burgundy, that Bakus carried out a beautiful demonstration last December.

The meteorological situation, as well as the “break” period in tillage, gave rise to a two-step demonstration.

Time 1: the movements in plots, half-turns and following rows. This in total autonomy. The work of the tools was not necessary for this part.

Time 2 : Total autonomy of Bakus, in moving and tilling, with electric intervines and crenellated opening discs.

Images of mechanical tillage in the vineyards of Burgundy with an autonomous robot

We propose you to discover this demonstration, in images with the video below.

Are you interested in wine robotics?

VitiBot is committed to winegrowers who wish to make the transition to sustainable viticulture.

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