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Our commitments towards sustainable viticulture



  • ■ 2 GPS RTKs confirm the accuracy of the positioning and alert us of any suspicious movement
  • ■ 2 inertial control units detect unusual changes in the topography that cause Bakus to slow down and/or stop
  • ■ 12 mechanical detectors distributed around Bakus cause the instantaneous stop in case of actuation
  • ■ Equipped with a remote emergency stop, your operator must ensure that the robot is properly controlled during its autonomous mode, in the rows and when turning.
  • ■ Bakus keeps the operator away from risks due to MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders), risks of overturning and exposure to phytosanitary treatments.


  • ■ The energy reserve of 75 kWh is stored in 4 Lithium Ion batteries.
  • ■ The efficiency of the electrical energy allows an autonomy of +- 10 hours of work and limits maintenance.
  • ■ Battery recharging time is 2 hours to go from 0 to 80% charge.
  • ■ Electrical energy allows an hourly operating cost of less than 2€.
  • ■ Bakus Improves CSR in Operations


  • ■ Bakus improves the carbon footprint of the operation
  • ■ The autonomous straddle allows you to meet the requirements of herbicide-free soil work.
  • ■ Weight, weight distribution, surface area and tire pressure help limit soil compaction.
  • ■ Its 100% electric propulsion allows it to work day and night with a low noise level.


  • ■ Autonomous in work
  • ■ 100% électric
  • ■ RTK Precision
  • ■ 1st connected electric intervine
  • ■ Power, handling, simplicity
  • ■ Interrange from 1m
  • ■ Regular updates
  • ■ Modular tools
  • ■ Design

Our tools

Our viticultural straddle robot integrates a wide range of modular tools for an efficient work of your vineyard. Discover our tools.

Vineyards robot tools

Our solutions

A tailor-made accompaniment

VitiBot offers a tailor-made accompaniment in your transformation towards a sustainable viticulture and the acquisition of your Bakus straddle robot. Discover the services and VitiBot's solutions.

Customers services

Our robots are designed with reliability and precision. Should you nevertheless encounter any difficulties, our after-sales service is at your disposal for professional assistance.

Some pictures of our vines robots

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Model S for narrow vines, model L for semi-wide-growing vines ? Contact us for a demonstration in your plots.


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