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September 3, 2021

The electric and autonomous vineyard straddler in the heart of the Graves

During a demonstration full of elegance and innovation, Bakus, a 100% electric and autonomous vineyard straddler, walked through the vineyards of Graves.

Château Haut-Bailly is located in the heart of the Graves terroir. On the left bank of the Garonne. For a few hours, Bakus had the opportunity to show how innovation can contribute to a sustainable viticulture.

Plus que des mots, nous vous invitons à participer à l’expérience au travers de cette magnifique vidéo.

Electric and autonomous straddling machine for viticulture

As quoted on the Chateau Haut Bailly website: “Centuries of work and conviction have made Haut-Bailly a visionary and pioneering estate, but also rich in history.”

It is with this in mind that our electric straddle robot performed a demonstration. For the occasion, no electric intervines. Only mechanical tools have been mounted on the tool holder pole.

A Humus vineyards ploughtshares assembly, as well as Boisselet and Braun tools. All this for a centimetric precision of work in displacement thanks to the robot.

Outils passifs decavaillonneuse robot viticole humus

Are you interested in viticultural robotics?

Thus, VitiBot is committed to working alongside winemakers who wish to make the transition to sustainable viticulture.

Do you need a demonstration of our electric vineyard straddler? You wish to invest in robotics? Do not hesitate to complete our form “About you” or to contact us. Our teams will accompany you throughout the process.

For any more precise contact, send us the information sheet of your vineyard.

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