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February 12, 2021

Bakus, 100% electric and autonomous straddle at Rivesaltes

One thing is certain. After months, even years of demonstrations in French vineyards: Each vine is unique, each terroir is unique. But that doesn’t scare off our electric straddle.

This was again confirmed during our demonstration at Rivesaltes, in the Cazes estate.

Thus, Bakus has once again proven its ability to work the soil of the vine, with the presence of very many stones. The bad weather of the last few days did not make his task any easier, and yet Bakus proved to be worthy of its reputation.

A reliable, robust, electric wine straddle robot, capable of carrying out most of the work in your vineyard. The icing on the cake? Autonomous in its movements and in the management of its work!

Once again, the electrics intervines, which, it should be remembered, have been awarded to the innovation trophy 2020 of Vinitech SIFEL, have once again done a remarkable job.

Thus, with a magnificent view of the snow-covered Pyrenees, Bakus, the wine robot of the future, visibly made the show and performed an exceptional demonstration.

100% electric and autonomous straddle at Rivesaltes

But let’s stop chatting, as images often speak louder than words: Here is the video of this beautiful day under the sun of Languedoc-Roussillon.

About “Maison Cazes”

Going down the Agly, the terroirs of Baixas, to the south, and Espira-de-l’Agly give access to the vast “Crest” of Rivesaltes. The latter extends over several hundred hectares to the north, as far as Salses, the end of the appellation area to the east. It is a vast stony plain of alluvial origin. Its thick soil (up to 6 to 8 m deep) is dominated by red clay mixed with rolled pebbles. At a depth of 30/40 cm, these poor and thin soils present a hard zone, the taparas, where the pebbles are literally cemented by crystalline limestone concretions.

Thus, the 220-hectare estate is ideally located on a terroir at the foot of the Corbières foothills, in the Agly valley. Finally, the soils, predominantly clay-limestone, are strewn with schistous debris and siliceous pebbles, an association remarkably conducive to the production of great wines.

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