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December 17, 2020

Demonstration of the Bakus wine robot in Provence

In Provence, we appreciate the good smells “of the south”, the sound of cicadas, the quietness of our environment. And this will not change with Bakus, a wine robot, in the vineyards.

Indeed, Bakus, the 100% electric and autonomous straddle tractor ensures mechanical tillage of the soil without noise pollution or the smell of phytosanitary products.

Those present at our new demonstration will be able to attest to this. Bakus works discreetly and autonomously.

robot viticole montagne sainte-victoire Provence aix-marseille

Thus, equipped for the occasion with our electric intervines, our wine robot has once again proven its performance. Working alone on the long vines of the Sainte-Lucie estate, only remotely monitored by the operator. Bakus managed to blend in with the scenery.

Because a video is worth much more than words, find below the filmed demonstration.

The advantages of Bakus, the electric straddle of the future

Let us recall that Bakus, thanks to its electric propulsion, works in all discretion. With a sound volume of less than 70 decibels, your daily work will be profoundly improved.

Once the mapping and cartography is done, the robot can finally go about its work in total autonomy for more than 10 hours.

Capable of eventually carrying out most of the work in the vineyard, Bakus is the ideal companion, not to replace your teams, but to accompany the men and women in the field.

Join the adventure of wine robotics

Because every operation is different. Every need is unique. Because each winegrower requires special attention in his accompaniment towards sustainable viticulture.

That’s why VitiBot is committed to your side throughout the process of transforming your operation.

Do you need a demonstration of the wine robot? You wish to invest in robotics? Do not hesitate to complete our “about you” form or to contact us.

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