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December 22, 2022

Trade shows 2022 – A look back at the end of the year’s trade shows

Like every year, the 2022 regional, national or international wine fairs are in full swing. VitiBot had the opportunity to be an exhibitor for some of them at the end of the year. Back in pictures.

Vitivini 2022 – Epernay

Appointment was given from October 11 to 14, 2022 at the Millesium of Epernay. Once again, VitiBot was able to distinguish itself on this show with a static but also dynamic presence. 1 robot was indeed in demonstration during all the duration of the show. Another one was also in demonstration in the Champenois vineyards of Epernay for all to see.

In terms of tools, visitors had the opportunity to see our electric intervines in a 4-way arrangement with full weeding, for work on 3 rows (one row straddled, two half-rows worked. The trimming machine was also present.

The on-site demonstration robot was equipped with intervines. But that was not its primary function. All day long, it was straddling a television with the following message “Precise and safe, the proof…”. And indeed, during 4 days, the robot knew how to demonstrate its centimetric precision and did not drift from its trajectory in spite of the 11h of incessant comings and goings.

Finally, the robot in the vineyard allowed all the visitors who wished to do so, to visualize the work of the soil carried out by Bakus. The slope, of about 30%, was also an interesting factor for many amateurs of autonomous vineyards robots.

The videos were also broadcast live on a TV present at the show.

We particularly thank the owners of the plot for having welcomed Bakus for a few days on their land.

FIRA USA 2022 – Fresno – California

Direction the United States now, still in October.

Held from October 18 to 20 in Fresno, California, this was the first trade show in which VitiBot and Bakus participated across the Atlantic.

The opportunity to participate in a day of presentation of the machine, then a day of real demonstration in the American vineyards. Curious people as well as vine robotics amateurs were there to see the machine evolve and to take the maximum of information.

Don’t forget that you can always find the list of Bakus distributors around the world on our page “Find us“.

Vinitech Sifel 2022 – Bordeaux

Let’s finish the year with the most beautiful stand ever built by VitiBot. 170m², 9 robots, 2 giant screens, 4 televisions.

The vinitech Sifel marked the end of the year. It was in Bordeaux from November 29 to December 1, 2022.

The opportunity for our numerous visitors to come and discover the brand new tools offered in partnership with Provitis, Boisselet, Egretier, Souslikoff, Roll’N’Sem, Braun, etc…

On the menu for our visitors at this 2022 show :

  • Electric trimmer (Designed in partnership with Provitis)
  • Confined sprayer with recovery panels
  • Electric pre-trimmer (Designed in partnership with Provitis)
  • Electric pre-pruner (Designed in partnership with Provitis)
  • Souslikoff’ Vineyards ploughtshares
  • Intervines and electric crush mower by VitiBot
  • Roll’n’sem Rolls
  • Egretier “L’originale” Vineyards ploughtshares awarded at the innovation trophies
  • Mechanical tillage with Braun discs

As previously indicated, two robots were present outdoors. The nice weather in Bordeaux allowed us to make demonstrations, thanks to the TechnoShow of Capconduite.

Beautiful moments of sharing and exchange with visitors. For successful trade shows 2022.

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