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Electric crush mower


The VitiBot’s electric crush mower allows to easily mow the central grassy part of your plots. Of robust design, its system of Y-knives ensures an optimal cutting quality as well as a permanent de-fouling system (counter knives). Can be used in pairs in combination with electric intervines.


The electric motor has been specially studied to ensure a good efficiency in order to optimize the working autonomy. The absence of hydraulic oil avoids any risk of pollution in the vineyard.


In conclusion, combined with intervines tools, the electric inter-row gyro-mowers allow, in a single pass, to carry out the maintenance of the grassed belt as well as the weeding under the row.

Power and agility

The electric gyro-mower, coupled (or not) with the electric intervines, allow a high quality inter-rank and inter-ceps work, at an amazing speed of execution.

Easy assembly

Delivered with mounting pallet


Integrated digging roller with effortless digging height adjustment system

technical information:

Overall dimensions
(L) 565 mm x (W) 440 mm (H) 400 mm
Brushless electric motor Multi V-belt transmission
Cutting width
416 mm
Number of hammers
10 pairs of Y flails or 10 hammer-spoons
Rotation speed
2300 tr/min
4 KW Pic
Cutting height adjustment
3 mm, 15 mm, 30 mm, 45 mm
Height adjustment
90 mm of stroke
55 kg

High modularity

The Bakus tool holder system allows a high modularity and a possible combination of electric crush mower with many passive or electric tools.

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