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September 22, 2020

VitiBot and the sustainable development week

This year’s European Sustainable Development Week takes place from September 18 to October 8, 2020.

The opportunity for VitiBot to come back all week long on the strong points of Bakus, our electric and autonomous viticultural robot, in terms of sustainable viticulture.

#1 A strong environmental dimension and commitment

Thanks to its 100% electric operation, Bakus’ hourly operating cost is less than 1€, the CSR of the winery is improved and noise pollution is practically nil. The same goes for the electric tools.

A real plus for the environment and your vine ????

#2 A social commitment with respect for the men and women in the field

In order to meet the demands of a society that wishes to consume wines that are more respectful of the environment and of people, Bakus carries out mechanical soil work (with electric and passive tools), a time-consuming and repetitive task that is often linked to the complex context of recruiting qualified personnel. Thought out and designed to meet these constraints, Bakus acts as a true companion, allowing teams to concentrate on more noble tasks.

Operator safety is significantly improved as Bakus is able to work in difficult vineyards. The reduction in the use of phytosanitary products, thanks to mechanical soil work, also means that the teams are no longer exposed to these products. A real plus for Man and your vine ????????‍♂️????????

robot viticole Bakus, enjambeur 100% électrique et autonome.

#3 Environmental commitment for sustainable viticulture

Environmental issues and challenges are numerous and have become more pronounced in recent years and months.

Since 2016, VitiBot has been committed to the design and production of a 100% electric and autonomous vineyard straddle. This straddle tractor, Bakus, allows to work the soil of the vineyard in a completely mechanical (passive tools) and electric (electric intervines and crush-mower) way.

Phytosanitaries products, especially herbicides and hydraulic tools are therefore no longer used on farms with a Bakus.

The weight, weight distribution, ground surface area and tire pressure also help to limit soil compaction.

Bakus will eventually be in a position to carry out most of the viticultural work in compliance with tomorrow’s environmental issues. ????????.

Robot viticole électrique et autonome, Bakus par VitiBot

#4 A social commitment for those involved in the project on a daily basis

Nearly 50 people work on the Bakus project every day. VitiBot is of course concerned about the well-being of its even more employees and suppliers.

Every day, our values are relayed through simple actions in favor of sustainable development.

We try to recover, recycle, repair, reduce instead of producing or consuming more. Our premises are equipped accordingly.

We also try to promote local products and know-how. 83% of components are produced and assembled in France.

All this for a sustainable social, environmental and economic commitment. ????????‍♂️????????

#5 VitiBot, for a sustainable viticulture

In summary, since 2016, VitiBot makes the choice of a sustainable viticulture.

Through an environmental commitment : Thanks to Bakus, its electric vineyard robot. For mechanical soil work, without herbicides. But also thanks to the actions of its teams on a daily basis.

Through a social commitment : By designing our product for operator safety. To the actions of our employees every day, to avoid over-consumption. For the respect of eco-phyto objectives.

Through an economic commitment : Sustainable development requires a responsible economy. Bakus offers an hourly operating cost of less than 1€. We also think about recycling, reusing, and consuming better before thinking about throwing away. So many non-exhaustive examples.

This for long-term sustainable development ????????‍♂️????????

Bakus, le robot enjambeur viticole électrique.
Un engagement de VitiBot pour une viticulture durable.

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