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December 4, 2020

Delivery of Bakus in Provence

The wine robot, Bakus, is making its debut on the lands of Provence at the end of this year 2020. To the great pleasure of its new owner of course.

robot vigne bakus vitibot trets 202012

The first Bakus viticultural robot in the vineyards of Provence

After a successful demonstration this fall (October 2020), of which you can find the video at the end of the article (editor’s note +200K views), we are pleased to announce the delivery of the very first wine robot in the vineyards of Provence.

Thus, it is in Trets that our shock team realized the delivery of Bakus, a 100% electric and autonomous vineyard straddle.

The vines of the mountain Sainte-Victoire will now see the machine moving soon on the plots of Yannick Robiglio, happy new owner of the robot.

livraison robot viticole provence yannick robiglio

The choice of Bakus as a tillage companion

After discovering us at a trade show, Yannick Robiglio became interested in wine robotics for his vineyards.

After having covered nearly 300 hectares of his vineyards last year in intervines work, Mr. Robiglio was convinced that it was obvious that he needed to purchase a autonomous straddle tractor for his vines.

The demonstration carried out on his land, the ecological and safety aspect of the machine as well as the excellent work carried out by our electric intervines confirmed the decision.

And that’s how our vineyard robot is now making its grand entrance on the vineyards of Provence. The first of a long series.

Finally, we also took the opportunity to conduct an interview with Yannick Robiglio and his father. You will find it soon on our website and our social networks.

interview vitibot robiglio pere-et-fils provence

We also took the opportunity to demonstrate the machine once again. To be found also soon in a future article.

robot viticole montagne sainte-victoire Provence aix-marseille

All the team of VitiBot warmly thanks Yannick Robiglio for his confidence and for this new partnership.

Need a demonstration? Is sustainable viticulture an issue of tomorrow for your farm? Are you interested in wine robotics? Contact us or fill in this form, we will get back to you!

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