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Full weeding tools

VitiBot’s innovative electric intervines can be perfectly combined with your passive tools, such as ploughshares.

For a weeding in full electric controlled and with a perfect result.

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Finesse, precision and power.

A new generation of intervines equipped with electric probes for greater finesse in the detection of vine plants. Thanks to the combination of several technologies, they allow a better energy efficiency and an optimal result for your soil work.

Torque Sensors

To continuously palpate and detect the vines. Reactive system allowing to associate power and softness during the work of the soil. Ideal for young vines.

technical information:

Heart share
200 mm
Low profile share
150 mm

High modularity

The Bakus tool holder system allows a high degree of modularity and a possible combination of electric Intervines with numerous passive or electric tools. Here, weeding tools in full with heart and skimmer shares.

Would you like to participate in a demonstration?

Our demonstrations generally integrate tools adapted to the plots of the demonstration. It is frequent that we integrate ploughing in full during our demonstrations. Please contact us for more information.

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