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Agromy pack

Designed for the mastery and control of natural grassing in narrow vineyards, the Pack Agromy Boisselet can be mounted on the tool pole of Bakus, the vines straddle of the future.

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Modular inter-row atomizer

Modular with VitiBot's electric intervines, the Agromy pack will bring you an optimal soil work throughout the season. It allows to regulate the growth, to depress the grassing, and many other tasks for the management of your vineyard.

Simple assembly

Simplified gogue mounting system

Intuitive settings

Requires few adjustments. Adjustable angle of attack according to the intensity of weeding desired

technical information:

2 bevel gears
composed of 4 corrugated discs
Square tree
with bearings
Double gogue
Gogue upright welded

High modularity

The Bakus tool holder system allows a high degree of modularity and a possible combination of electric Intervines with numerous passive or electric tools.

Would you like to participate in a demonstration?

Need to test your Agromy pack on a 100% electric and autonomous wine straddle? Contact us for a demonstration of Bakus on your plot.

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