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Full mechanical weeding

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Full mechanical weeding tools

Our vineyard robot straddle allows you to mount your weeding tools in full mechanical mode, without any other configuration (Intervines, etc…). We provide you with instructions for mounting on the modular tool-holder pole. Ploughing by Bakus.

Easy, robust and powerful

Equipping your vineyard robot with full ploughing tools for mechanical weeding of your vines will give you ideal soil working power. The ease of mounting the tools on the pole and their robustness make them an ideal choice.

Full mechanical weeding

For a work of the soil of your vine without herbicides

technical information:

On central tool-holder pole
Vintage Pack
Deported stanchion
Heart plough 200mm

High modularity

The Bakus tool holder system allows a high degree of modularity and combination possibilities. However, full mechanical weeding by ploughing does not allow the mounting of other tools on the pole.

Would you like to participate in a demonstration?

Our demonstrations are usually performed with our electrical intervines. However, we can carry out a weeding in full mechanical on your plot. Contact us for more information !

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