Bakus dans les vignes

Frequently Asked Questions

Bakus weighs 2.5 tons, it can be moved with a 3.5 ton GVW trailer to its work vineyard.

If it is not necessary to use the public road, Bakus will be able to move independently from one plot to another to continue his work.

During its first use on a new plot, the operator will be present to ensure that Bakus has integrated its environment well. During this first run, the robot will have integrated the topographical characteristics of the vineyard.

During its next interventions on the same plot, Bakus no longer requires any human action. Thanks to its 8 TOF cameras and its Artificial Intelligence, it is able to interpret in real time its environment and the changes that are taking place there.

In case of doubt, the robot sends a notification to the winegrower who has the possibility to activate human vision, to remove the doubt or to intervene if necessary. Bakus also issues a notification to our supervision team if it does not receive a response from the operator. We will then contact the winegrower and if he wishes we can analyse the alert by activating the human vision in his place.

The cost of purchasing a Bakus robot and its equipment are equivalent to that of a conventional high thermal clearance tractor. A commercial offer can be sent to you on request.

With Bakus, you reduce your operating costs in the vineyards by at least half compared to using a conventional tractor.

We are not immune to vandalism and degradation. To counter such acts, Bakus records a video at each angle as soon as he interprets a violent contact. In this case, an alert is sent directly to the supervision team and the winegrower.

When Bakus is outside the area defined by the winegrower, an alert is issued with the geolocation of the robot. Any use of the robot outside its perimeter is impossible, only the operator will be able to remove the security with a unique key in his possession.

Bakus can be charged in 2 hours from a 63A three-phase fast charger or in 11 hours on a standard 16A three-phase or 32A single-phase charger.

Don't panic! If an obstacle suddenly appears in front of the robot, the emergency stop is activated. He is able to see and react before contact. In this specific case, an obstacle notification appears on the application of the winegrower or supervisor, who has the opportunity to remove the doubt or intervene if necessary.

Bakus does not require any field marking. Simply position it in front of the first row of a vineyard and define the number of rows to maintain. The first time it will record the topography of the site under the supervision of its user. During his next interventions on the same vineyard, he will be able to operate independently and without supervision.

When the work is completed, a notification is sent to the winegrower to inform him.

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