Our Bakus robot in the vineyards

Bakus, the robot that solve the problems of sustainable viticulture

Bakus' strengths

Design tailored to the ground

The absence of a cabin reduces the centre of gravity , which makes it possible to survey steep slopes. Thanks to its size and low weight, it consumes little energy and significantly reduces soil compaction. The electric propulsion of the four steering wheels provides high and precise agility that allows perfect grip, even in slopes up to 45%. The innovative algorithms exploit this exceptional freedom of movement to optimize trajectories and work as closely as possible to the vines without damaging them.

Design adapted to the ground

Bakus light signature

light signature

Bakus is equipped with light signatures and indicators. They allow it to be visible day and night to people who are at a short distance from it. It is now possible to increase the flexibility of your work by working at night, without noise and air emissions.

360° infrared vision

The presence of the 8 TOF sensors allows a full coverage. It is able to orient itself precisely by detecting the slightest obstacle during the day and at night.

360° infrared vision

Environment reconstitution

Environment reconstitution

The 360° infrared vision, provided by TOF (Time Of Flight) cameras, provides the robot with a very precise reconstruction of its environment. A global analysis to ensure guidance and safety.

Weight balancing

The weight has been optimized to reduce soil compaction, and to facilitate the transport of the robot, which is necessary on public roads. The mass balance also increases the stability of the robot in difficult environments.

Bakus weight

Supervision remotely

Supervision remotely

A dedicated machine supervision service allows to guarantee the user experience. At the customer's request, our employees can remotely control their machine parks. They will be able to locate them, direct them towards new work to be done and remove any doubts if necessary without disturbing the customer.

Multi-support interface

The operator will have at his disposal an interface available on PC, tablet and smartphone that will allow him to :

  • Delimit its plots
  • Know robot state (battery, equipped tools…)
  • Take control of the robot
  • Receive notifications & alerts
  • Access to supervision service
  • Geolocate and access to the security system
  • Obtain a follow-up and a suggestion of the work.
Bakus interface

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Handle the robot

Click and move your mouse over the robot to rotate it

Click to rotate the robot


The dimensions of Bakus
The dimensions of Bakus
Format Straddle tractor
Motorization 100% electric | Brushless motors with planetary gearboxes
Guidance 100% autonomous | TOF (Time Of Flight) cameras
Battery capacity 80 kWh
Maximum speed 6km/h (3.73 mph)
Autonomy 10 working hours
Recharge 2 hours with a quick charger
External dimensions 1.65m x 3.50m x 1.75m
Weight with tools 2.500 kg
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